Information on the current status of Babolna Bio's Biocidal Dossiers

Bábolna Bio Ltd. submitted two active substance dossiers for EU review - Bromadiolone (rodenticide), S-methoprene and has successfully defended both actives.


S-Methoprene (Pt. 18.)


We are happy to inform you that by COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 91/2014 of 31 January 2014 S-methoprene has been approved as an existing active substance for use in biocidal products for product- type 18.

The submission deadline for those formulations which contain only S-Methoprene active substance was September 1, 2015. Babolna Bio has prepared a number of formulation dossiers and has submitted these in a timely manner to the chosen Member States for further evaluation. First authorisations are expected to outcome some time in 2017, although the authorities have a three years deadline for the evaluation.

As for the combination products, having two or more active substances the submission deadline is to be calculated as of the approval date of the last active substance plus 18 months.

Babolna Bio is closely monitoring and pays a high attention to achieve the use of S-Methoprene Insect Growth Regulator based formulations both in and outdoor alike.


Bromadiolone (Pt. 14.)


Bábolna Bio has received approvals for Bromadiolone active substance and for 7 bromadiolone based rodenticide formulations (loose bait, pellet, fresh bait, sewer block, grain bait, mixed bait and extruded wax block) according to the BPD/BPR and has submitted two other real novelties as formulations (Protect Revolution, Protect Sensation) which are under evaluation. The outcome of these is expected in 2016.


DEET - diethyl-toluamide (Pt. 19.)


Bábolna Bio also participated in the Task Force which received the approvals for the DEET (diethyl-toluamide) active substance and for 2 formulations (spray and lotion) based on this active.